Biologistics Consulting, expand your business and optimize your supply chain

Biologistics Consulting is an independent consulting firm specialized in the medical device, biotech and pharma industry. We partner with our clients to: expand their business and identify highest potential opportunities, optimize their supply chain. We offer to our clients a neutral and objective approach which sets up apart from main service providers.

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We partner with our clients to expand their business, identify highest potential opportunities and optimize their supply chain

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Expand your business

Market entry strategy & market intelligence

Even if some companies operate in specific niche markets without any need of further development, most companies have to enter new markets in order to increase sales or develop business stability. To enter a new market, strategies must be clearly defined.

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Strategic partnerships

In the present economy, strategic alliances can enable a business to be more competitive as a resulting of accessing other resources. Fast-growing companies in particular rely on alliances to build upon their resources, save time or boost productivity.

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Site selection and location analysis

We provide site selection and location analysis services to companies which are seeking new expansion sites, relocation of activities or selective consolidations.

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Access to finance

Our company will help you to identify the available financing tools : finance and taxation benefits, incentives, local support,…

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One-stop shop for European Investments

In our efforts to provide excellent services, Biologistics Consulting offers you a one-stop shop service for your new project.

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Optimize your supply chain

European distribution strategy

When we think of differentiating, we often think “products” but logistics play a major role in marketing and positioning. Biologistics Consulting helps you to identify the different European Market distribution models as well as the logistical responses that on offer in relation to these models

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Design of transport and logistics solutions

Our logistics experts design customized solutions to meet our clients' needs. Our company remains independent of transport and logistics service providers so that your company benefits from receiving objective management advice and tailor-made solutions.

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Supply chain optimization

Customer Service management, Product development approach, Procurement process and demand planning, Manufacturing process, Physical distribution, Inventory management and warehousing, Supplier relationship management / outsourcing, Performance measurement

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Regulatory compliance

Our experts can help you to measure the various ways regulations affect your products so you are in a position to make the right decisions for your business development. We will guide you through the steps involved in obtaining regulatory approval to sell your products in regions where you are not operating.

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Identification of sustainable savings

Our experience has proven that costs can be slashed while organizational performance is enhanced. Biologistics Consulting will help you to implement the solutions you need to maintain excellent standards of quality.

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